The Priceless Woman Study

Proverbs 31:31
January 31, 2012By Pastor Wendy Williams

31Give her of the fruit of her hands; and let her own works praise her in the gates. (KJV)

CONGRATULATIONS!!!  YOU HAVE COMPLETED THIS JOURNEY OF UNDERSTANDING AND SELF-IMPROVEMENT.  TODAY IS ALL ABOUT PRAISE!!!   Only a man of valor (strong man) or a virtuous woman (strong woman) will complete their course.  Today's verse says lets us know that the virtuous woman shall be praised.  Her children "rise up,” her husband also, and they call her blessed.  Her husband is known in the gates because of her virtue.  The heart of her husband safely trusts her, and he is faithful.  And, she does him good all the days of her life.  She rises before day break and prepares breakfast for her whole household.  She guides the house by teaching her children and her servants to be efficient and respectful. She is a successful businesswoman, land owner and vineyard proprietor.  She uses her hands skillfully to make exquisite home furnishings and beautiful garments of wool, flax, purple and scarlet.  She makes products to sell in the marketplace, and she weaves luxurious tapestries for her home.  She gives to the poor and the needy.  She is strong and fit, and she is always prepared.  She is organized, productive, and she stays busy.  And, she guards her mouth to  speak with wisdom, rather than react with emotion.  Her price is far above rubies.


Whether or not anyone else appreciates her attributes, she shall be praised.   God says: "Give her the fruit of her hands, and let her own works praise her in the gates of the city.”   Her virtue will cause her to be prosperous, and she will be known throughout the whole city as a great woman.  She is a pillar of the community and a role model for men, women and children alike.  Some may envy her, and others may become jealous, but they can’t stop her blessings, and they can’t stop her from being praised.  She shall be praised!!!  To use contemporary examples, she would be awarded the Nobel Peace Prize, the Kennedy Honors, the CNN Hero Award, and a host of other lifetime achievement awards.  The President of the United States will invite her to the White House for dinner, and praise her during the State of the Union address.  Everyone would say those are top honors.  But, God will have the last word.  Because she uses her gifts and talents for the benefit of others while pursuing her destiny and purpose to the glory of God, He will say: "well done, thou good and faithful servant.”   She shall be praised!!!


You may not feel worthy of praise today, or you may not be getting the praises that you have rightfully earned.  Whether or not anyone acknowledges your virtue, God knows your worth and value.  He sees your righteous deeds, and He Himself will make sure that your good works will eventually be recognized.  Regardless of your state, or how far along you are on your journey of becoming God's virtuous woman (or God’s man of valor), you can choose to be happy while you are one your way to greatness.  REJOICE!!!  ONLY GOD CAN DETERMINE YOUR WORTH AND VALUE!!!  HE LOVES YOU, AND HE HAS SEALED YOUR WORTH AND VALUE....AND THAT IS PRICELESS!!!  (Repeat today’s GEM FOR TODAY throughout the day)


GEM FOR TODAY:  Father, I thank You that You have given me gifts and talents to pursue my destiny and purpose to Your glory.  I know Your plans and expectations for my life are good.  Thank You for establishing me with Your worth and value.  I humbly and joyfully receive Your will for my life.   (Men say)  I AM A MAN OF VALOR, AND I VALUE GOD'S PRICELESS WOMAN.  (Women say)  I AM GOD'S PRICELESS WOMAN!!!   In the Name of Jesus, HALLELUJAH!!!

Visitor Comments (4)
She Shall Be Praised
Posted By MMATTHEWS on February 1, 2012
The Proverb 31 woman has been an inspiration to me this amazing woman does not eat the bread of idleness. I have seen her diligence in every aspect of life from caring for her husband, children, servants and even the poor. She rise early, stay up late, plant a vineyard, sew her own clothes, and her family’s clothing.
what does she get for all of her hard labor? The praise of those around her declaring indeed she is rare. Lord I thank you for the Priceless Woman's Journey this is a life changing experience for me.
Greatness in me
Posted By LOVEYTIMA on January 31, 2012
This journey has been awesome. I've learned so much on how to be God's priceless woman. I ask God ro continue to give me wisdom in all his ways.t
The Joy of My Strength
Posted By JOY LINDSEY on January 31, 2012
Priceless Woman, has made a impact on my life. A virtues woman is always improving herself at all times, her body,soul, and mind. All is to the glory of God. The joy of the Lord is my strength. Saved by Grace,an heir of eternal life,led by the spirit, and all things through God. Virtuous and priceless only God know the value and His son Jesus paid the price. Priceless Woman, I thank you for sharing and caring about women.
Posted By MMOSBY on January 31, 2012
This is such a wonderful guide, I would one day like for God to be able to tell me "WEll done my good and faithful servant". I thank God for giving me this wisdom. I thank you for sharing with me.

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