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Truth zone - tz

Truth Zone-TZ is the youth ministry for male and female teens (Ages 13-19).   The youth ministry was founded on August 27, 1998, as Jubilee Jamboree G.A.N.G. (God's Anointed New Generation).  The name was changed to Truth Zone-TZ in 2006, with an expanded focus from mere fellowship and outings to ministry and evangelism.   The aim of TZ is for each youth to be Saved, filled with the Holy Spirit, knowledgeable of Bible principles for daily living, able to withstand Peer Pressure, and able to witness and lead lost souls to Christ (John 8:32, "And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free"). 

 Our monthly TZ youth services are interactive, relevant, fun, and include:  Prayer, Praise and Worship, Drama Skits, Rap & Stepping, and the Word of God ministered by the Youth Minister.  The development of Christian Character, Self-Esteem, Achievement and Leadership are the primary focus.   Career Development and College Planning services are also provided.  Truth Zone-TZ is led by Pastors Dennis and Wendy Williams and facilitated with an appointed/trained Youth Minister. 

  The Vision Mandate of Truth Zone-TZ is to:

1.       Establish a TZ Prayer Team and Praise & Worship Team

2.      Establish a TZ Rap Team & Step Squad

3.      Establish a TZ Drama Teams to minister the Word

4.      Establish a You Mentor-I Mentor big-brother, big-sister ministry

5.      Establish a Tutoring, Career Awareness, College and Financial Aid Awareness

6.      Establish a High School Bible Study Outreach Ministry

7.      Establish a TZ Service-Learning Corps to provide community service and to develop leadership.


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