Women of Righteous Dominion

Women of Righteous Dominion

Women of the WORD is the female fellowship ministry of Jubilee Christian Center.  Regular meetings are led by Pastor Wendy Williams, the First Lady of Jubilee. It is God's Will for the married woman to devote herself to God first, to her husband second, and to all else third.  It is God's Will for the single woman to find fulfillment in an intimate relationship with God and serve her church in her season of preparation.  


Whether she is married and devotes her time exclusively to homemaking and raising a family, married with a career outside the home, or single; she needs the Power of God to experience His Good Success in her life.  Women of the WORD learn to study and confess the Word of God over themselves and their loved ones on a daily basis through regular meetings and fellowship activities.  Teenage girls are especially encouraged to participate in the services, fellowship activities, and the mentoring ministry.   Women of Righteous Dominion is led and facilitated by Pastor Wendy. 

 The Vision Mandate of Women of Righteous Dominion is to: 
 1.      Establish a Women's Intercessory Prayer Team
 2.      Establish a Women's Fellowship Ministry
 3.      Establish a Women's Success Institute
 4.      Establish an Each One-Reach One Mentoring Ministry for teenage girls.
 5.      Establish a Women's Book and Tape Ministry
 6.      Establish a Women's Outreach and Evangelism Ministry

 7.      Establish a Women & Children's  Safe House Ministry

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