Women Under Construction

Day 5
March 8, 2013By Pastor Wendy Williams


Yesterday, we discussed Tools of the Trade. Today, we'll discuss the most essential tool of all. It is the tool that drives the whole construction site, the BLUEPRINT. The definition of a blueprint is: "a detailed plan of action, a drawing or diagram made to scale showing the structure or systematic arrangement of elements or important parts. It is a scheme, a program or method worked out beforehand for the accomplishment of an objective or purpose.” (Freeonlinedictionary.com) The blueprint for the Woman Under Construction is the BIBLE.


The Bible was recorded over a span of 1600 years by over 40 authors who lived in different centuries and eras. It was originally spoken from generation to generation until it was recorded on pottery, on skins and on leaves. Later, it was written on scrolls in the Hebrew, Greek and Aramaic languages by scholars, fishermen, workmen, farmers, prophets, priests, and common men from all walks of life. Some of it was written on Mount Sinai, some written in the Wilderness of Judea, some written in the dessert of Arabia, some in the palace, and some in the prison. It was written in the Old World regions presently known as Rome, Greece, Iraq, Iran Egypt, and Israel by people of different nations, ethnicities, cultures, situations and circumstances of life. You would think with all this diversity, it would be filled with contradictions, inconsistencies and error. But it is perfect in its Master Theme from the beginning to end because it was written by the Master Author. It is an AMAZING BOOK!!!


"All scripture is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness: That the man of God may be perfect, throughly furnished unto all good works.” (2Timothy 3:16-17)  Almighty God inspired holy men to record His Holy Word for our benefit….as a blueprint for our lives.


Most people are confused by the Bible because they don’t understand how to study it within its context. What seems like a contradiction is merely a snapshot of an evolving story of truth that has no error.  If we use your life story as an example, someone could read the early chapters of your life and read that you were a little girl. But, if they read the latter chapters of your life, they would learn that you are a woman. It would be foolish to ask, "Which one is she….A little girl or a woman?”  It depends on at what point you pick up the story. The Bible is inerrant (without error), and it has efficacy (the power to do what it says). We have to trust Almighty God at His Word and use His blueprint as a model and a prototype of the luxury home He designed us to be. As a Woman Under Construction, we must use His blueprint and become transformed (renovated) by the renewing of our minds. In order to do this, we must make a decision to change.  Are you willing to change?  (Post a comment on the Blog and repeat the following TOOL FOR TODAY several times)


TOOL FOR TODAY: Thank You Father for giving me the blueprint of Your Word to be renovated by you. I choose to make the needed changes in my life to be transformed by the renewing of my

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Posted By READY on March 30, 2013
Good word, the word is giving by God, and He gives us the blue print. Now let us work to build. God is good

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