The Priceless Woman Study

Proverbs 31:18
January 18, 2012 By Pastor Wendy Williams

18She perceiveth that her merchandise is good: her candle goeth not out by night.(KJV)
You've reached the point of "no return."  You've passed the halfway mark of this journey, so it doesn't make sense to turn around, and go back now.  You might as well finish your course.   The virtuous woman knows that she is rare.  She knows her merchandise is good.  Therefore, she is very self-confident about her worth and value, so she doesn't let her candle burn out. 
Today's lesson is all about YOU!  God created you with everything you need to be His virtuous woman or His man of valor in the earth.  He gave you gifts and talents to accomplish your destiny and purpose.  No one on the face of the earth, who has ever lived in the past, or who will ever live in the future,  has your fingerprint or your DNA.  God made you unique.   You have a destiny and a purpose.  "Destiny" is not the "destination," it is the journey.  It's the sum total of all your life's necessary stages and stops.    Along the way, you've met some people, you've had some experiences, you've learned some lessons, and you've picked up some needed resources.   Every stage in your life, good or bad, was necessary to bring you to the point where you joined this Proverbs 31 you could understand your destiny and purpose.
"Purpose" is the reason for anything or anyone to exist.  As a Believer, you exist to be a blessing to others so that God will be glorified.  Your gifts and talents are good indicators of how your purpose will be accomplished.  When you use your gifts and talents for the benefit of others, you will be walking out your purpose.   As a result, God will bless you, and He will be glorified.  When you finally understand your purpose, and you pursue it with all your heart, you will find true love, joy, happiness, peace, and fulfillment.   On the flip side, when you don't understand your purpose, abuse is inevitable.  For example:  The purpose of a chair is to hold the weight of a person in a "sitting" position.  When a chair is used as a step stool, the chair is being abused.  The seat may cave in, the chair may topple over, and it may shatter because it was not designed to hold the weight of a person in a "standing" position.   Don't allow your gifts and talents to be misused and abused.  Pray and ask God to show you His purpose for your life.   (Read the GEM FOR TODAY throughout the day)
GEM FOR TODAY:  Father, I thank You for showing me my true worth and value.  Show me Your destiny and purpose for my life.  I plan the creative use my gifts and talents for Your glory.  (Men say) I AM A MAN OF VALOR AND I VALUE GOD'S PRICELESS WOMAN!!! (Women say) I AM GOD'S PRICELESS WOMAN!!! In Jesus' Name, Amen

Visitor Comments (4)
Proverbs 31:18
Posted By EAGLE_GIRL on January 28, 2012
I found my true value in life by helping older people out, and showing them their special gifts and talents and they do have a creative side. I am God's Priceless Woman!!!
Purpose for me
Posted By HISLOSTCHILD on January 19, 2012
I believe my purpose he has for me in life is to talk to all the young ladies who just need someone to talk to and for them to hear my testimonies and let them see how God has brought me through and hopefully they will come to know him just like I did and still getting to know him more and more each and everyday.
Burning The Midnight Oil
Posted By MMATTHEWS on January 18, 2012
My lamp does not go out at night. When I am applying excellence to my work I will find that the night oil just simply has to be burnt sometimes to get it all done.
The blog has given me more late nights than I care to admit.Thank you Lord. I am a example of the Priceless Woman.
Posted By JOYLINDSEY on January 18, 2012
Yes Lord, you gave me purpose,gifts,and destiny. I will hold my head high, my spirit strong, and may my words always be Your words. A gift to those who hear. All good, all God.

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