The Priceless Woman Study

Proverbs 31:9
January 9, 2012By Pastor Wendy Williams

 9Open thy mouth, judge righteously, and plead the cause of the poor and needy. (KJV)

If Solomon had kept his focus on the purpose for his gift of wisdom and wealth, he would have ruled his kingdom wisely, and he wouldn’t have been destroyed. By the time Solomon wrote the book of Proverbs, he had learned his lesson, and he wanted everyone to learn from his mistakes. We are encouraged by Almighty God to learn His Word, understand our purpose, receive His gifts, and keep our focus… we won’t be destroyed.

Solomon wrote Proverbs 31 so we might receive instruction and correction from God for our personal lives today.  Whenever we read Scripture, we should receive it as Almighty God speaking directly to us.  Yesterday, the GEM FOR TODAY told us, "All scripture is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness:” (2 Timothy 3:16)  According to the Merriam Webster Dictionary, the definition of "doctrine” is, "the body of principles [laws] in a branch of knowledge, or a system of belief.”  The definition of "reproof” is, "criticism of a fault, or a reprimand.   God wants us to receive His "system of belief” and His "correction” so we may enjoy His abundant life.  He loves us unconditionally, and He wants us to experience His of love, joy, peace, happiness, health, and wealth.  This is the heart of a loving parent. 


Proverbs Chapter 31 can be divided into two segments:  (1) the duties of a king, and (2) and the purpose & praise of a virtuous woman.  In Proverbs 31:1-9, we studied the duties of a king.  Beginning tomorrow, Proverbs 31:10-31 will expose the purpose & praise of a virtuous woman.  She is rare, and she is PRICELESS!   In the remainder of this study, you will finally understand your true worth and value to God.  When you see yourself through God’s eyes, you will gaze upon His purpose for your life, and you will make some needed changes.  A man of "valour” is a "strong” man. He has the same strong attributes as his virtuous wife. The word "virtue” and the word "valour” both come from the same Hebrew root word, "Chayil,” in the Scriptures. "Virtue,” and "Valour” both mean the same thing…… "strong, a force, whether of men, means or other resources; an army, wealth, virtue, valor, strength: --able, activity, army, band of men (soldiers), company, (great) forces, goods, host, might, power, riches, strength, strong, substance, train, valiant, valour, virtuous, worthy.”  Men will find, and women will become God’s Priceless Woman!!!  (Repeat the GEM FOR TODAY throughout the day)
GEM FOR TODAY:  Father God, You created me with the potential for greatness.  I hear Your voice clearly, and I see myself through Your eyes.  I make the needed changes in my life.   (Men say) I AM A MAN OF VALOR, AND I VALUE GOD'S PRICELESS WOMAN!!!  (Women say) I AM GOD'S PRICELESS WOMAN!!!  In Jesus' Name, Amen

Visitor Comments (6)
Proverbs 31:9
Posted By EAGLE_GIRL on January 15, 2012
God gave us two sets of eyes to see with, one is for the blind. The blind woman can see the most wonderful things in the dark. And the other is for the woman who can see everything. And we are God's Priceless Woman.
My Father's Eyes
Posted By LEOLAR on January 9, 2012
Its not always easy to see myself how God sees me. Throughout this journey I will continue to see myself through the eyes of my savior. He sees me as strong, wise, and with a beautiful heart.
Hearing from the Lord
Posted By LOVEYTIMA on January 9, 2012
Hearing the voice of the Lord thru his word is so awesome. The word has everything that we need. I thank the Lord for his word.
A book cover
Posted By JOY LINDSEY on January 9, 2012
I know my calling,but my cover has always been what man has said it should be,now with the knowledge, wisdom, and Holey spirit.I am able to not worry about what man or people think.I keep my mind on Him who cares for me, to God be the glory.I am striving to be a Proverb 31 woman, a priceless woman.keep teaching me woman of God.
Helping me
Posted By HISLOSTCHILD on January 9, 2012
The priceless woman study is helping me so much in my life so far it is giving me a lot of positive insight and is really making it easier for me to know my place nd what I have to do to better myself thank u for doing this with us
God is Speaking to Me
Posted By MMATTHEWS on January 9, 2012
The priceless woman study is guiding me to understand that having wisdom and knowledge of the Lord, and using what I know has led me to know its not your costly array you may wear, or a fancy hair do. My clothes may come from the Salvation Army, but it will not distract my value of worth that I possess. Wisdon and Knowlege of God has a greater price.

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