The Priceless Woman Study

Proverbs 31:4
January 4, 2012By Pastor Wendy Williams

4It is not for kings, O Lemuel, it is not for kings to drink wine; nor for princes strong drink: (KJV)

It was customary for kings and princes to hold court and great feasts wherein drunkenness occurred. Kings who became drunk, could easily be deceived and manipulated….and eventually destroyed. Although wine was an everyday beverage, drunkenness was not acceptable, especially for a king.  In this verse, Lemuel’s (Solomon’s) mother was not only thinking about his well being, but also the well being of the subjects of the kingdom.  A drunken king’s judgment would become clouded, and he would not be able to carry out government.  Eventually, the people would become afflicted.   What is making you drunk and clouding your judgment?


The consequences of our behavior not only affect our lives, but also the lives of others.  A boss’s bad choices will affect the company.  A Parent’s bad choices will affect the family.  A neighbor’s bad choices will affect the whole neighborhood, and so on….. We must all be accountable for our own behavior.  When you accepted Jesus as Lord, God adopted you into His family.  You are His royal priesthood (king or queen), and you are valuable to Him.  Yesterday, we asked God to forgive us of our sins.  And, we forgave ourselves and others.  Today, we must make righteous choices so that we are accountable to God, ourselves and others.  Today’s Scripture reminds us that we cannot allow ourselves to slip back into our old behavior because it not only affects our lives, but the lives of others…..and it is not befitting royalty.  (Repeat the GEM FOR TODAY several times throughout the day.)


GEM FOR TODAY:  I am God’s royal priesthood, and I am valuable to Him.  I make righteous choices befitting a child of God’s Kingdom, in Jesus' Name.  Amen   

Visitor Comments (6)
Proverbs 31:4
Posted By EAGLE_GIRL on January 15, 2012
We all want our children to be valuable for God. We as parents teach our children everyday to do right by God and make better choices in life. Because we are all God's precious little children.
choices are important
Posted By MMATTHEWS on January 4, 2012
Every day can be a struggle. I am accountable for my actions, and making the right choices is valuable to me, and others.
Walk in Your Future
Posted By on January 4, 2012
Don't let your past( not forgiving yourself for your past sins)

Mess up your future (hearing Gods voice, He gave you the Holy Spirit! walk in it!)

Ruin your future (where God wants you to go. We are women of promise.
Posted By HISLOSTCHILD on January 4, 2012
Everyday is a struggle for me to make rightous choices but im doing it no matter what it takes
doing whats right
Posted By TRENAY on January 4, 2012
I tell people daily that their actions affect others so be careful and mindful of the things you do and say . Falling is easy to do but we all need partners to bring us back . I'm thankful for having people in my life to remind me why god is good all the time! Not sometime !
I am God's Royal Priesthood
Posted By MWEBB on January 4, 2012
God created us so that we need Him and others to survive. So it only makes sense that our actions will affect those around us. In every action I take someone's salvation is at stake...someone is watching. My action could be the difference from them running from God or running to God. We are God's representatives in the earth. What an amazing responsibility He has entrusted us with. I will live my life as a Queen in God's Kingdom.

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